Electrical Diagnosis & Repair


Old cars may be simpler - but electrical gremlins can still be hard!

Our techs can root out the problem quickly. While the electrical systems in older vehicles are simple - we’ve encountered all the problems and are experts and figuring them out.

American Autowire Highway 15 Nostalgia universal wiring system
American Autowire turn signal switch

The combination switch is more than a blinker switch

The “blinker switch” or combination switch in your steering column not only controls your left and right blinkers - but it also switches power for most of the lights on your car to work properly. This is a component that we commonly have to replace to make lights work properly.

How Driven Does It Right

Tips from the Pros
Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite

After years under cars, we've honed the best installation matched with the right parts to do the job right

Modern tools for old problems

How many backyard mechanics have a thermal imaging camera? We may work on old cars - but we have modern tools to help us fong problems fast. This is one tool in our arsenal that can show us electrical components (and wires) that are getting hot. It saves time, so we can get you back on the road faster. If you saw us on Roadkill Show - you witnessed this tool save the day.

70 Mustang green lights
Power Probe POW3EZ Digital Voltmeter

We don’t just replace stuff - we find the problem

Some mechanics just swap a bunch of components hoping to get the problem solved. We’re smarter than that. We diagnose with testing tools to find the source of the problem - not just guess at it. Tools, technique, experience and knowledge is the difference.

What's the cost?

Each job will be estimated individually, but here are some guidelines to help you budget

Electrical diagnosis is all hourly. We may find the problem in minutes, or an hour or two. Then replace or repair the component (s) that have failed.
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Sounds like a cable, or a starter issue. Especially problematic if the starter is surrounded by exhaust headers and getting hot. A mini-starter or a heat shield could be the cure. Or a larger starter cable - or even cleaning the connectors.


Classic signs of a component drawing power while sitting. Sometimes the alternator is bad, or external regulator - or another component. We can run a few tests to find it.


NEVER! EVER! EVER! Do this… you can burn down your car! Let’s find the problem and fix it right.