Serpentine Conversions

engine serpentine

Ditch the multiple v belt set-up and dress up your accessory drive

Serpentine belt conversions not only look great, but they simplify the belt system on your hot rod. A properly engineered serpentine conversion kit will come with all of the components, pulleys and such for a clean install.

engine serpentine
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Tighten it up!

Serpentine conversions are more compact in most engine bays - so beside adding function they will give more room for other components. We can spec the right set-up that works with your car whether it has AC or not, and give it a super slick look up front.

How Driven Does It Right

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After years under cars, we've honed the best installation matched with the right parts to do the job right

Each car has different needs

We work with many manufacturers to get the right set-up for you cars need - and the right upgraded components that the belt runs on. Looks are one thing, but we like function as much as form and want the best stuff that will last as well as look awesome.

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CVF Racing Chevy LS Engine Mid Mount Serpentine Kit - ProCharger

Get newer components

It’s not just the brackets. Most of the serpentine conversion kits we spec have all new components that are a bit more modern than one you have. Things like 1 wire high output alternators, Better power steering pumps and when you want AC - a serpentine conversion is usually a no brainer.

Serpentine Conversions cost

Each job will be estimated individually, but here are some guidelines to help you budget

Depending on options you can expect to spend $800 - $2,500 on parts and around $1,000 on labor.
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$800 - $2,500

for the parts

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for labor


In most cases, yes! But we will also have to add a power steering gear or rack as well.


Maybe - but most belt throwing problems are related to improper pulley alignment. A serp drive will cure that - but we can also just align you pulleys with the stuff you have.


It really depends on the engine you are putting it on - and in some cases the look you are going for. We can guide your choice based on what we know - and our design eye.