Power Adders

67 Camaro engine

It’s simple. More Air + More fuel =
More power.

Superchargers, Blowers, Turbos… we can handle it and work with many manufacturers of these components to add to your build. If your bottom end is up to it - let’s bolt on some power!

CVF Racing Chevy LS Engine Mid Mount Serpentine Kit - ProCharger
engine block

Can your engine handle it?

A stock LS3 or Coyote - or most modern engines are set up form the factory for boost - but there are limits. Before you add horses to the barn, we need to make sure the barn can fit them. If your bottom end is not up to snuff on your engine, adding boost may cause it to blow up.

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Turbo or Supercharger? That is the question.

We love superchargers here - the power is linear, with no lag from turbo spool-up. But the turbo vs supercharger question really lies in the engine application - and the goals for the build. Looking for streetable boost? In most cases a supercharger (or blower) fits the bill. Looking for power on the top end? A turbo might be the way to go. There is no right or wrong answer.

70 Mustang green lights
NOS bottle

Give it the laughing gas

A simple power adder is putting on a nitrous shot (NOS or “Laughing gas”). This can be added to most set-ups without an insane amount of work. Again - adding power, means that the lower end components need to be able to handle it - or else… BOOM!


Most definitely! You have to take into account that adding more air, requires more fuel - and all at the right time. So tuning is absolutely necessary.


It can be done… but requires a carb or throttle body capable of blow through.


There’s no hard or fast rule here - it is different for every engine combination.