Brake Upgrades

67 Nova Wilwood brakes

Ditch the Drums

A front disc brake upgrade is one of the best things you can do to most classic cars. Remember, when these cars were built - the playing field was a bit more even with most cars having drum brakes. Now you have to worry about the soccer mom in her lexus who can outbrake your car by 100’s of feet.

67 Nova Wilwood brakes
66 Chevelle silver Wilwood braking system

Easier, more reliable braking

More than just disc conversions - we can do power brakes as well. Even “Hydroboost brakes” that use power steering pressure for assist. We can match the best components for your needs and get your ride stopping on a dime.

How Driven Does It Right

Tips from the Pros
67 GTO red wheel brakes detail

After years under cars, we've honed the best installation matched with the right parts to do the job right

Components Matter

We’ve seen it a bunch… Customer buys “no name” disc brake kit online and asks us to install it. Most of these kits use off the shelf parts from 20 year old cars and some brackets. They rarely fit right and can take 2x longer to install. We prefer to spec a good engineered component from a company like Wilwood Engineering, Brembo, Baer, etc. The kit was engineered for the car - and can generally be installed in half the time of some cobbled together “Kit”. You save in the long run by saving on Labor hours - $400 saved on the cheap kit can end up costing you $800 in hours to install. You also get a superior product that adds resale to the car.

70 Mustang green lights
69 Custom S engine detail

Disc brake swaps require more than just the calipers and rotors

A braking system has many components. And when swapping to front (or 4 wheel) disc brakes we also need to change the lines, and most importantly the brake master cylinder. You can’t use a drum/drum master for a disc/drum set-up.

Pedal ratio is math that solves problems!

Have to hammer those brakes to get the car to stop? Or is your pedal “Touchy” sending the car into a screech without much pressure. Pedal ratio may be the issue - we can get to the root of this issue and get you stopping safely.

73 Scout II orange dash brakes detail

What's the cost?

Each job will be estimated individually, but here are some guidelines to help you budget

Basic front disc upgrades vary by vehicle - but commonly for a simple set-up you can expect to pay the following
Cost icon

$900 - $2000

for the parts

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$1200 - $2000

for labor/installation


Totally! A well set up drum brake system can work just fine - especially just in the rear. We can service drum brakes on most any vehicle.


Typically, a front disc conversion is all you need for most cars - rear brakes only handle about 10-20% of your cars braking - so in most cases a front upgrade is fine.


Totally! Big cam engines are perfect for hydroboost set-ups, We can also do an electric vacuum pump as well to help at idle.