AC System Installations

Restomod Air aftermarket climate control

Who wants to sweat it out?

An AC upgrade might be what you are looking for as hot days are the days we like to cruise. Modern AC systems have gotten better over the years and many kits are available to get you cruising in comfort to the next car show or cruise.

Restomod Air Impala dash
Restomod Air boxes

We install it all.

We are a dealer for Restomod Air products - we’re happy to spec their units and controls for your ride - and give you the best price on components and a professional install. We also install Vintage Air and Classic Auto Air products.

How Driven Does It Right

Tips from the Pros
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After years under cars, we've honed the best installation matched with the right parts to do the job right

AC System Installations tips

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Do you do AC system repairs?

We’re happy to diagnose what is going on and offer solves for your AC woes. If you have an original AC car with older components - we can convert R12 to R134a in most cases. For some cars an upgrade may be in order.

What's the cost?

Each job will be estimated individually, but here are some guidelines to help you budget

For a complete system from Restomod Air or Vintage air, you can expect to pay around $2,000 - $2,500 in parts depending on details. Install will cost $1,500 - $2,500.
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$2,000 - $2,500

for the parts

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$1,500 - $2,500

for installation and calibration


In some cases, yes - In most cases even if we do a conversion to modern refrigerant the results are underwhelming. You may spend almost as much as a new retrofit system that will work better.


With very few exceptions - we can get a system in 99% of vehicles.


We’re happy to diagnose the issue and get you driving cool again.