Remote Start and Power Locks/Windows

Compustar security remote start

Power windows in your classic car?

Done! It’s easier than you think to get the convenience of power windows in most cars. We buy kits from companies like NuRelics and Electric Life to make it happen. We don’t even need to put ugly switches in to make them work - rather install window crank switches that turn your existing crank handle into an up / down switch. Pretty neat!

67 Pontiac Firebird window
Compustar security remote start

Remote start - really?

If your car has a carburetor - it probably won’t work great - but for cars with Sniper systems, LS swaps and other modern engines - totally doable. Imagine having your car cool when you get in on a hot day - or warm on a cold day… super neat.

How Driven Does It Right

Tips from the Pros
67 Pontiac Firebird window

After years under cars, we've honed the best installation matched with the right parts to do the job right

Universal power window kits are for chumps!

We’ve seen those “universal kits” in the shop. They take forever to install and set up - then break 2 weeks later. A properly engineered kit is the only way to go. If it’s not available, we may be able to make something work - but we won’t use cheap stuff.

70 Mustang green lights
Klassic Keyless entry system

Keyless entry

With some quality actuators and a bit of wiring we can get you opening your doors, and trunk remotely in no time. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference in the drive and not fumbling for the door key can be one of them.

GPS monitoring for your car

The systems we install can allow you to track your car wherever it is - wherever you are in real time. You can set up a geo-fence so if the car ever leaves an area, it alerts you instantly. Solid piece of mind and a reduction in insurance rates… easy call.

DroneMobile gps

We’ll look at it… but we can’t warranty parts we don’t trust.


We love these! Old school look, new school function. Count us in.


Totally! It will take more time and some engineering and fabrication work - but we can do it.