Classic Car Audio

F100 green radio - Keep it classy, and Classic

Don’t go to any old car audio shop!

Come to the place that knows your classic car. Whether you just want to listen to the game at a car show, use your phone hands free - or let the whole neighborhood know who’s got all the bass, we’ve got you covered.

F100 green radio
70 Mustang speaker

It’s all about the bass… and treble.

And the mids…. We focus on clean sound here - not just the volume. We sell high quality components that bring out every detail in your favorite music - and can tune the system to suit your preferred listening style.

How Driven Does It Right

Tips from the Pros
70 Mustang radio

After years under cars, we've honed the best installation matched with the right parts to do the job right

Hi Fidelity starts with good components.

As a dealer for Morel car audio components we can install everything from a basic system to a ultra high end competition winning audiophile level system. Ordering direct from Morel gives us access to all of their components - as well as technical staff so when it comes to speakers, amplifiers, sound deadening materials they are our go to guys and gals.

70 Mustang green lights
66 Chevelle silver amp speaker

We can hide it all.

You don’t have to see all the components to get good sound - we’re experts at hiding stuff to keep your install clean and tidy - and not take away from the rest of your build.

Virtus Nano Carbon

That’s quite a mouthful right? In layman's terms it means that these speakers a so thin, that we don’t have to hack holes in your car to install them - and they sound F’n amazing! No more scraping the speaker with the parking brake pedal. No holes in the lower cowls. Heck, in some cases we can surface mount them because they are so thin.

66 Chevelle silver rear speaker

What's the cost?

Each job will be estimated individually, but here are some guidelines to help you budget

For a simple system you can expect to pay the following. More complex systems can cost many thousands in parts and labor. Let's work on your perfect setup.
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for parts

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for labor


Absolutely not. We can make a Retrosound radio or other classic car radio work in most any car and look like it belongs.


We do it all the time. All of the units we install have these features.


Sure thing. We’re happy to install any brand.